Finance Question you must ask your partner Before Getting Married


We are celebrating Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. So what are plans that you have in store to enjoy this romantic day? Everyone wishes to get married with the most special person in their life. It is very important to discuss life plans with your spouse. In addition, you should also ask you partner about the money questions that are essential for every family.

Finance Question you must ask your partner Before Getting Married

What are the preparations to take before getting married? What are points that most couples fail to their partner before they get engaged? Know about the the tip tips that every couple should discuss before tying the knot.

How much do you value your money?

It is important to know whether your spouse understands the importance of money. It is also vital for the couples to value money together and never to waste money on trivial things.

  • Never waste money
  • Must have retirement savings
  • Discuss money matters together
  • Always give importance to money
  • Know whether your spouse value money

What is your insurance plan?

It is important to know whether you spouse have any kind of insurance plan be it home insurance, life insurance,auto insurance and more.

  • You can pay for insurance together
  • Know importance of taking insurance plans
  • There are different kinds of insurance plans
  • Know chances of having more insurance coverage
  • There are special insurance plans for couples
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Do you have budget plan?

It is important to know that all the individuals are raised in different manner and it is vital to have different kinds of goals for each of the partners.

  • Both make budget together
  • Have always long-term budget
  • Know the importance of budget
  • Budget is vital for family expenses
  • Ask whether you spouse have any budget plan

What financial goals do you have?

In order to take forward any family, it is important to have financial goals and also discuss long-term joint financial goals and also note down specific steps you need to follow to reach them.

  • Always take small increments
  • You should focus on long-term goals
  • Both must take equal responsibility
  • It is important to put your plan to work
  • Difference in values for money can cause problems for family

How to combine our finances?

The ultimate goal for any happy marriage is that they spend for the family together and for that to be resolved, it is very important to merge the finances of both the partners.

  • Discuss about emergency fund
  • You should go for joint account
  • Ask who will bear family expenses
  • Remember that merging your finances pay big part of your initial married life
  • If you do not want to quit your job, then starting a side business could be the way to do it

Do you have any problems financially?

It is true that most couples know a lot about each other. Along with know each other before getting engaged, it is very important for both the partner to have thorough knowledge about the partner’s financial history.

  • This is important for combines finances of couples
  • Talk with your partner about financial health and history
  • Many couples think it is as an invasion into their privacy
  • You need to be comfortable to talk about money with partner
  • You should vow to support your partner financially if needed

Do you want prenuptial agreement?

It is important to know that prenuptial agreements are no longer as taboo as they used to be. This agreement is vital to keep your marriage real and to know your finances of your partner better.

  • Many thing that it can cause divorce
  • Take help from any matrimonial attorney
  • It helps to strengthen your marriage further
  • It is essential to control finances after breaking up
  • Remember that you and your partner should discuss prenups

Do you save or spend?

It is important to understand your partner before marriage as though you may already know this about your partner but it is time to discuss this dynamic more openly. For that purpose it is vital to know whether you partner is more into saving or spending.

  • Try to be saver-spender couple
  • It is important to have middle path
  • Both saver and spender have unique monetary qualities
  • You need to sort this characteristics before getting hitched
  • Remember that spender-spender couple can be dangerous for family finances


What type of debt do you have?

It is important to know the kind of debt it is, as credit card debt from spendy living is different from student loan debt. You should understand the kind of debt which includes outstanding bolls and loans.

  • Debt can hamper your married life
  • Try to know reason for accumulating debt
  • Your spouse should understand that debt is debt
  • Ask whether you will share responsibility of paying debt
  • Know the time by which you partner wishes to pay off debt

What credit score do you have?

Remember that your credit score is your financial responsibility number and it highly impacts everything from your ability to open a line of credit to your mortgage interest rate.

  • Must check credit score together
  • Always ask reasons for credit
  • Know whether your partner wants to improve credit
  • It should an important part of your money conversation
  • You should know that one good credit marrying bad credit person will result in detriment

Final Thoughts:

So, the final thoughts are that you wish to celebrate with your loved ones in this valentine’s Day. Learn about the vital questions to ask to your partner and one you have made the things clear, you can go to the next and final step and that is marriage. Therefore, wishing you a happy married life!

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