worst credit card mistakes that affects your credit score


It is very important to change your credit card behavior as some actions that might seem beneficial can actually have a terrible impact on your credit. The main difference is that most do not know the best ways to use credit cards and it is important to know the steps of how you use them. The credit cards have many advantages as credit cards offer consumers better protections, plus they function as a middleman when you have disputes with a retailer or service provider. It is also important to note that more people are using credit cards for all major purchases and for transactions that carry a high risk of fraud.

worst credit card mistakes that affects your credit score

What are the top credit card mistakes that affects your credit score? Can you tell me about the mistakes that is killing my credit? It is also important to know about the credit card mistakes that you can make. In this article, the biggest mistakes to help you determine what might be killing your credit report are discussed.

Co-sign loans

As some borrowers are unable to get approved on their own. It is important to know that when you cosign, you agree to take on the loan with the borrower and to cosign, you will actually sign the loan agreement.

  • Know person for whom you are a co-signer
  • It reduces your ability to take more loans
  • Bankers except you to make payments
  • Know more about legal implications
  • Being co-signer is has more disadvantages than advantages

You skip payments

Remember that skipping a payment on your credit card and moreover, if you pay 60 days late then the credit card companies can impose penalty rates which will definitely impact your interest rates.

  • Always try to make your credit card payments
  • Skipping payments is a huge mistake
  • It impacts your credit score in a bad way
  • You may also have to pay penalty rates
  • It also impacts your interest rates
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Do not pay taxes

You should know that credit scores comes from how much of your available credit you are using. So, it is very vital to use credit cards wisely and pay the balance in full, otherwise it can can hurt your scores.

  • Always recommended to pay taxes on time
  • Doing tax-evasion is a big mistake
  • Regular tax payments improve your credit score
  • Non-criminal actions can be taken against you
  • Can take help from tax attorney

Ignore credit reports

One of the biggest mistakes is that most people do not realize the cost of minimum payments is spelled out in their statement because they never bother to look at their reports.

  • Always look at your credit reports
  • Never forget to check credit reports
  • It helps to keep tab on your financial health
  • Try to have best credit reports
  • Financial experts can help you with credit reports

Increase credit limit

Using a debit card may help you avoid overspending along with it being a very responsible tool to use as not using it properly also gives fraudsters a direct path into your bank account.

  • Automatic increase for responsible credit card holders
  • You should never ask for credit line increase
  • More charges for credit cards with increased limit
  • You end up paying more security deposit
  • Credit line increase will lower credit score

Using retail cards

According to a study, around twenty percent of Americans have opened a store credit card at least once over the past two years for the immediate in-store discount. This is the reasons for so many retail credit cards.

  • Always use retail cards wisely
  • You should use your reward credit cards regularly
  • Have as less credit cards as possible
  • Too many credit cards damages your credit history
  • Keep proper track of your retail credit cards

Keep minimum balance

It is important to note that carrying balances does not help your credit scores and can cost you a small fortune in interest payments. In addition to that, The higher figure is an average, which means a relatively small number of heavily indebted households.

  • Keep minimum balance is big mistake
  • Use credit cards in right manner
  • Increases time for repayment
  • Negatively affects your credit history at later stages
  • Follow new credit card management trends

Credit card debts

It is very important to note that a debit card may help you avoid overspending, but it also gives fraudsters a direct path into your bank account. In addition, many cards offer additional perks, such as replacing goods that are stolen.

  • Credit card debts is slowly increasing
  • Try to make your credit card payments timely
  • You should always avoid overspending
  • Learn proper usage of credit cards
  • Know ways to decrease your credit card debt

No rewards points

You may not realizing that one of the main advantages of having credit cards is the amazing discounts and rebates, do not forget to take advantage of discounts in the form of cash rebates, frequent traveler points, and other benefits.

  • Must use rewards points to your advantage
  • There are many discounts and rebates in credit card rewards points
  • You can go for cash rebates
  • Do use frequent traveler points
  • It also improves your credit report

Confuse introductory rates

Most of the credit card retailers sometimes offer deferred-interest rate credit products that can be confused with introductory interest rate offers. It is important to understand and use the rates in your favor.

  • Learn to take advantage of introductory rates
  • Know more about deferred-interest deals
  • Learn trends of different introductory rates
  • Choose credit cards that has better long-term benefits
  • Do not get fooled by exciting introductory rates

Things to Remember:

There are many small mistakes that you are making that you do not realize are highly affecting your credit card score. It is also very vital for credit card holders to know that as rewards can be, they are not worth incurring the higher-than-average rates charged. When you are concerned about where your credit currently stands, you can check your credit reports to get a right idea of your credit history. The credit card industry is going through many changes and it is also important to know about the latest trends in credit card market.

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