Accounting apps for Android and iPhone users

Have you heard off accounting apps? What are the advantages of using accounting apps? Can you name the best apps for keeping accounts on the go? Credit Health Care is here to answer all your questions.


Now, let us talk about mobile accounting programs. The greatest benefit of mobile accounting software is that users can access their company’s accounting system from anywhere. This helps surface costs and expenditures and encourages more financially responsible decision-making. However, businesses should be sure that they purchase mobile accounting software that fully suits their mobile needs. Though the mobile app will be synced with your licensed account, some apps will have limited functionality while others are fully featured. A specific benefit of mobile accounting relates to legal and tax compliance. In addition to that, mobile accounting systems will take those local concerns into consideration when processing transactions. The best accounting application which are mentioned in the article are FreshBooks, Xero, FreeAgent, KashFlow, Zoho Books, Sage One, Wave, NetSuite, And Co and also Sellsy.

Accounting apps for Android and iPhone users

What are the things to remember about using accounting apps? I have been doing my accounts through pen and paper but now want to shift into the world of online accounting, so can you suggest me with the most effective tools to keep my accounts easily and effectively? To know more, read the post fully.


FreshBooks is a user-friendly, anyway you look at it. FreshBooks is simple to understand, especially if you’ve used any accounting software before. Even if the source of your disdain for accounting stems from having used Excel spreadsheets to keep track of things, you will find the transition to FreshBooks easy, and rewarding.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • FreshBooks is one of the easiest apps
  • Is ideal for first time users
  • It looks like excel sheets
  • The apps are really good on user experience
  • Can helps to track your accounts




Xero is a cloud-based small business accounting software with tools for managing invoicing, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing, expenses, bookkeeping and more. It is modern, small business accounting software that lives in the cloud. It is accessible from any computer or mobile device, making for a smarter and easier accounting process.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Xero is one of the best accounting app out there
  • It is completely cloud-based
  • Is ideal for small business owners
  • You can use it from anywhere
  • Makes your accounting much easier




FreeAgent makes our list of the best accounting apps for non-accounting types because it cuts out all the complications and focuses on the things that matter to small businesses. FreeAgent makes it easy to invoice customers, track expenses, synchronize your bank accounts, and even chase payments, all from one intuitive interface.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • FreeAgent can it be integrated easily
  • You can easily track expenses
  • Can learn it in no time
  • The interface can be understood quickly
  • Very useful for small business owners




KashFlow is a seriously powerful accounting app that is specifically aimed at UK small businesses. KashFlow listens to its customers and puts in only the features that are most requested. What’s more, KashFlow handles UK taxation effortlessly, with VAT reports built right in.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • KashFlow is popular among UK users
  • Can understand UK taxes easily
  • Get it if you have small business
  • You can get reports on VAT
  • Has good customer service



Zoho Books

Zoho Books is another super simple accounting app, from invoicing to tax reporting, Zoho Books puts everything you need at your fingertips. Zoho Books, together with the other apps in Zoho’s growing Web app ecosystem, can help you keep it simple at every stage of small business accounting.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Zoho Books is also ideal for novice users
  • Do not forget to use the web app
  • Is a popular name in accounting
  • Try to do tax reporting
  • You can make invoices easily

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Sage One

Sage One is an accounting app that operates on a curious principle. Acknowledging that small business accounting is mostly a snore, a laborious residual of doing business, Sage One aims to put the dull aspects of being in business, accounting tasks, largely on autopilot.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Sage One is a must use for busy users
  • Handles all you r business tasks easily
  • Do not forget to use the Autopilot feature
  • Is beneficial for small business owners
  • Has Android and iPhone apps




Wave accounting app is perfect for small businesses who want to avoid over complicated bookkeeping tools, designed specifically for organizations with nine employees or less. Moreover, do remember that, Wave’s invoicing, accounting, and receipt scanning features are all completely free.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Wave is a simplified accounting software
  • It is designed for small companies
  • Do not forget to scan receipts
  • Can make invoices easily
  • This app is free of cost for users

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NetSuite is a business management software suite offered as a service that performs enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions. It is a horizontal package designed for an extensive range of industries. The NetSuite Financials system can integrate with a company’s back-office, sales and service processes.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • NetSuite is produced by Orackle
  • It is ideal for business management
  • Can be used for back office purposes
  • Has features of ERP
  • Also be used for CRM



And Co

As far as accounting tasks go, And Co has everything freelancers need. Connect your bank/credit accounts to record business expenses, track your time, create and send invoices, accept payments, and even see when clients have viewed invoices you sent. Forward email receipts or take a picture of physical receipts and upload them using And Co’s mobile app.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • And Co is good for freelancers
  • Looks for your business expenses
  • Easily send invoices to customers
  • Can track your expenses
  • Can be used for iPhone and Android app users




Sellsy Invoicing is suitable for the simplest of all small business needs and freelancers. If all you need is to send invoices, take payments, and occasionally send payment reminder, it gets no simpler than with Sellsy Invoicing. The all-in-one software for closing, signing, and keeping clients.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • one of the best invoice apps
  • Can be easily used by freelancers
  • Is very easy to understand
  • You can track your clients details
  • Know more about your payments



Do your Accounts:

So now, you know the top names in online accounting business. Most mobile accounting apps are independent systems that link up with a company’s license for desktop software. However, some mobile accounting systems will integrate more directly with a core cloud-based desktop product at the home office. Cloud-based systems, which are increasingly popular, require less hardware than on-premises software. They also require less IT knowledge, have lower upfront costs and are more quickly implemented, making them a good choice for smaller firms and businesses, in particular. Thus, choose your favorite apps and start using it. Moreover, do tell about your experience in the comment section below the blog!

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