Top Small Business Loans Lenders to know

Are you an owner of small business? What are the difficulties that the small business entrepreneurs tend to face during their businesses venture in case of getting loans in case of expanding them? What are the different types of business loans that the startups can opt for? What are the eligibility criterias to be aware of while asking for from top financial institutions or lenders in the market. Credit Health Care will help in finding the names of the top-end lenders in the country and also from around the world for small business loans.


Now, let us talk about the advantages of visiting the lenders who is known to provide a number of exciting offers which are made to suit the needs of the startup companies. It is very important for the entrepreneurs to understand about the limitations and pros of the loans and never get in any form of debt. Along with that, it is vital to read the terms and conditions of the small business loans thoroughly and always remembering never to any defaults of payments and it can hugely hamper your financial condition. The names of the lending firms which have made it to the list are all popular and trusted names in the business of lending to new and old entrepreneurs across many kinds of industries. They are namely RapidAdvance, Accion, OnDeck, BlueVine, LiftFund, Fundation, Kabbage, Funding Circle, Fundbox and also Lendio.

Top Small Business Loans Lenders to know

What are the main kinds of mistakes that most new small business owners generally commit while looking for favorable loan options for their venture? What are the different forms of support that these lending companies will provide to the firms as part of their business financing opportunities? What are the difficulties faced by small business loan buyers in the many stages of getting loans from the lending firms? I am a startup entrepreneur and on the search for the list of ideal lending companies, so can you suggest help me in this regard? To find the favorable answer, do go through the blogpost thoroughly.


Do note that RapidAdvance offers merchant cash advances of 50 to 250 percent of your monthly credit card volume and you repay loans by giving RapidAdvance a fixed percentage of your future card receipts until the loan is repaid.

In addition to that, in order to qualify, you need to have been in business for at least three months. Along with that, RapidAdvance bills itself as a company offering fast and easy small business loans. The company lends to small businesses in any industry, as long as the business has shown signs of profitability and growth.


You must remember that Accion also assists business owners with a variety of backgrounds, providing loans for veteran, minority, and women-owned businesses. Also, since each entrepreneur has unique needs and experiences, Accion might be able to help you when other lending options have failed.

In addition to that, you can check its local offers to see if it provides specific, localized small-business loans in your state. Along with that, you have to fit their bill which also states states you need to just started your company and have a business plan.

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You must know that OnDeck is known to give a variety of small business loan options and if you have a specific project or purchasing goal in mind, you can grab a loan that lasts from three to thirty-six months. Along with that, if you need to be prepared for occasional surprise costs, you can opt for a line of credit and pay interest only on the amount you draw.

In addition to that, do make sure you can go for the option of frequent, smaller payments because and you will need to plan on either a daily or weekly repayment schedule. However, if you decide to borrow from OnDeck again in the future then you will receive significant discounts to reward you for your loyalty.


Do always note that BlueVine offers invoice factoring and lines of credit and the startup businesses can obtain financing with this lender, as invoice factoring is available with as little as three months in business and six-month term lines of credit are available to businesses at least six months old.

In addition to that, BlueVine has delivered around $1 billion in funds to more than 10,000 small business owners. Along with that, the loans are available to businesses with fair credit, with minimum FICO credit scores of 530 for invoice factoring and 600 for six-month term lines of credit.


To make the business loan process easier, you need to first find an intermediary microlender that serves your state. Do note that, LiftFund offers microloans in around thirteen states of the nation to borrowers that meet their specific requirements which includes that fifty percent of the business’s full-time workforce is low-income.

In addition to that, you must always remember that the direct lenders are finance companies that fund your loan with capital other than a bank and without a middleman such as a broker, investment bank or private equity firm and they are also known to offer SBA loans.


Do understand that the lending companies such as Fundation does offer small businesses on a working capital loan of up to $500,000. Your main aim should be to always look for options which offers very easy funding options for the novice entrepreneurs.

In addition to that, the online application process takes about ten minutes, followed by an immediate initial credit analysis. Also, the analysis ascertains whether or not you are a good fit for a working capital loan and once your application is approved, it takes three business days for the funds to reach your account.

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You should always know that Kabbage has extended more than $4 billion in financing to small businesses around the world. Moreover, it uses an automated lending platform and there is a quick application process. Also, they have one of the lowest revenue requirements among lenders at $50,000.

In addition to that, the very small businesses that would typically be denied by other lenders can obtain lines of credit ranging from $2,000 to $250,000. Also, you can opt for this lender, it you are looking shorter repayment period for your loan and you are only one year in business.

Funding Circle

It is important for you to note that Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer business lender connecting small businesses with investors and has $7 billion invested in businesses worldwide. Along with that, keep in mind about the origination fee which ranges from 0.99 to 6.99 percent and you need to be in business for minimum two years.

In addition to that, the loans are available to business owners with fair credit, as borrowers with a FICO credit score as low as 620 may be approved. Also, there is no minimum annual revenue requirement in order to get approval for any kind of business loans.


Do remember that Fundbox provides the ability to receive only the exact amount of money you need, and to pay it back in a relatively short amount of time with less associated fees. Also, the proprietary algorithm of the company will determine about the kind of amount that you will pay in clearing fees.

In addition to that, in order to speed up the business financing process, there is no application process and you simply link to your accounting app and they will handle the rest. Moreover, it gives various types of traditional business funding along with merchant cash advances.


You should definitely try the Lendio’s free matchmaker approach which simplifies the loan process for a small business, and it begins with an even simple fifteen-minute application. Along with that, do note that, Lendio does all the shopping for loan options based on your information and requirements.

In addition to that, while Lendio’s service is free and the company is funded by its partner lenders. However, there are some loan qualifications to meet and your business needs to have been in operation for at least six months, your credit score should be 550 or higher, and your monthly revenue should be no less than $10,000 a month.

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So now, the given top-most lending firms is here to assist the new business owners to decide on the companies to visit for the purpose of taking loans. Moreover, the primary aim for all business owners should be to take loans from loan providing firms who gives low-interest loans which is very useful for startup businesses. Along with that, you can also take the help from small business loans experts and financial advisors who will help to understand the business loan process. In an earlier post, we have talked about in detail about the providers of personal loans in the nation and also worldwide. Do read the article in detail and come back to this section for latest news in relation to taking business loans. Thus, the time has arrived for you try each one before going the ultimate loan lending firm. However, do not forget to provide valuable feedback in the below comment section!

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