10 best student loan lenders to Know

Do you want to take loan for your education? What are the major types of problems that the student and millennial generation regarding taking student loans? Can you tell us about the different forms of education loans that are available from loan providers and the policies which are available for repaying the loan amount? The team at Credit Health care is here to provide all the vital information that is necessary for you to get the most favorable loan options for the purpose of funding your education.


Now, we will be discussing about the various advantages that education loan provides to the students in terms of completing their educations. In addition to that, there are many other perks which are available for them as part of the loan policy which helps the millennial people to build their career. Our team have looked at rates, terms, and features of loans offered by many student loan companies in the country and also around the world and then picked up the best which are beneficial for the students. All the names of the eduaction loan providing firms which have made it to the list are approached by loan as well as financial experts. They are namely Laurel Road, Discover Student Loans, LendKey, CommonBond, SunTrust, SimpleTuition, Commerce Bancshares, Ascent, Sallie Mae and also College Ave.

10 best student loan lenders to Know

What are the main issues that student population faces while applying for student loans? What are the major questions that the education loan buyers must definitely ask the student loan providing officers about in order to get a better deal? What are the major factors that are generally taken into account about the person taking loan in order to decide on the costs incurred? I am an university student and looking for education loan for feuding my studies, so can guys provide me with the names of the top-most loan providing firms, so that i can start my application process. In order to find the solution, you must read the article till the end.

Laurel Road

We are starting the list of student loan firms with Laurel Road. this student loan company stands out from the pack for its great options for medical residents. Also, after you receive your MD, you can pay just $100 per month during your residency or fellowship. However, once you move on and become an attending physician, your standard repayment term begins.

In addition to that, Laurel Road offers loans starting at $5,000 with no maximum to borrowers in all 50 states. Along with that, the education loans come in different terms of years and the Laurel Road offers up to one year of unemployment protection and it further requires a 660 or better credit score.

Discover Student Loans

As the name suggests, this particular education loan is provided to the customers by Discover bank. The Discover Student Loans provides student loans which come in many varieties including for law, MBA, and also many other medical specialties which are available in the colleges for the students to choose from.

In addition to that, the Discover bank borrowers are also eligible for cash rewards for good grades. Along with that, the given fifteen-year loan term is more restrictive than other options, and there is no opportunity to release a co-signer. Also, the repayment terms include in-school deferment and deferment for up to six months after graduation or leaving school.

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It is very important for you to understand that LendKey is known to connect the borrowers with community banks and credit unions. This action does further means that the service is likely to be more personalized than it might be with bigger banks or providers which are out there in the industry.

In addition to that, do make sure you can go for the option of frequent, smaller payments because and you will need to plan on either a daily or weekly repayment schedule. However, if you decide to borrow from LendKey again in the future then you will receive significant discounts to reward you for your loyalty.


You must be aware of the fact that CommonBond is among the lowest interest rate student lenders which makes them another great choice for your student loans. Along with that, for each new fully-funded degree, they will fund a year of education for a student who is in need through their different Pencils of Promise programs.

In addition to that, CommonBond can help you save with low rates and no origination or prepayment fees. Loans are available for five to twenty years terms and $5,000 to $500,000 in value. Also, the student education loans are available to residents of most of the states in the country and they offer till twenty-four months of unemployment protection to student loan borrowers.


The loan buyers are known to prefer the kind of flexibility in loan terms that is available with SunTrust. However, you must be aware of the fact that you can make deferments up to six months after graduation or leaving school. Also, you can pick from three options while you are in school, including full payments, interest only, or $25 per month.

In addition to that, SunTrust also does offers a 0.50% APR discount and you will be availing upto two percentage principal reduction for graduating. Along with that, SunTrust charges no origination, application, or prepayment fees and student loan borrowers can qualify for rate reductions and cosigner release options..


The next student loan giving firm in the list is going to be SimpleTuition. Do note that this particular website is brought to you by Lending Tree which enables the loan buyers to have access to a pool of consolidation lenders. Along with that, the education loan borrowers can compare rate estimates among lenders without having each of them pull their credit information.

In addition to that, SimpleTuition is known to provide various kinds of tips, tools and deals to help students plan for the costs of college, and the necessary guidelines for the millennial on how they can manage their student loans. Although, the borrowers will have to submit to a credit check in order to be approved.

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Commerce Bancshares

The Commerce Bancshares does offer in-school deferment, or you can opt to pay $25 a month while in school for an interest rate that is 0.5% lower than the deferred repayment option and also 0.25% lower for graduate students and one percentage lower for undergraduate students. Also, you must not forget that they are providing the loan terms which are flexible and benefits the buyers.

In addition to that, if you decide on a student loan from Commerce Bank, you can borrow from $1,000 all the way up to 100% of the school-certified cost of attendance. Along with you, it is very important for all the loan takers to know n the fact that the repayment terms which are given by Commerce Bank does vary.


The Ascent offers flexible loan terms and repayment schedules, including in-school interest-only repayment, deferred repayment up to six months after leaving school, or $25 minimum payments per month while in school. Along with that Ascent loan gives a one percentage cash back graduation reward and 0.25% interest rate reductions for payments made via automatic debit.

In addition to that, you can also release your co-signer after twenty-four consecutive, on-time payments. Along with that, there are two private student loan products, one for borrowers who have a co-signer and one for independent students who do not have a co-signer or established credit. Also, you will get many type of perks for the buyers.

Sallie Mae

You should know that the flexible repayment terms from Sallie Mae is known to provide in-school deferment and up to six months deferment after you graduate or leave school. Along with that, You can also make interest-only payments for up to twelve months or pay $25 month towards your loan while in school.

In addition to that, the Borrowers also get one hundred and twenty free minutes of tutoring through Chegg Tutors or four months of free access. Also, there is around 0.25% autopay discount, which is fairly standard with private lenders these days. Along with that, the private lenders often offer additional discounted incentives as well which are useful.

College Ave

You should know the fact that in College Ave, you can pick from eight, ten, twelve or fifteen-year terms and make full which does include principal and interest payments while you are in school. Along with that, you have the choice to choose instead to make interest-only payments a flat payment with a $25 minimum while in school or defer payments until after you graduate.

In addition to that, you must also take the advantage of the fact that hundred percentage of approved school-certified costs are covered, though do keep in mind that that this could lead to over-borrowing if the student population is not careful. Also, you can see your balance, pay your bill and more with 24/7 online self-service.

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So now, all the given names will help to provide a headway in your quest for finding the ultimate education loan giving company. Moreover, it is also very important you organize your financial situation, in order to get maximum benefit in your study loan plan in order to get much barter rate. In an earlier post, we have talked about the top business loan firms in the nation and also worldwide for those who are looking to fund their entrepreneurship ventures. Do go through the post and come back to this particular section to find more exciting news about different types of loans which are available in the market for prospective loan buyers. There are various forms of federal options which are available for the sake of education loans, for your look into. Thus, the time has come for the students who are need of funds for education to try out the loan companies and share their experience with us!

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