10 Survey apps to get money for Android and iPhone


Have you ever taken surveys online? Did you know that, it is possible to get money by taking part in various kinds of online surveys which are out there? What are the ways to prepare yourself for answering the surveys? The team at Credit Health Care will be providing with the complete names of the different applications that you can use in order to take part in these surveys and get money in the bargain.

10 Survey apps to get money for Android and iPhone

Are you aware about the different times that is required for you to answer the questions which are generally asked in these online surveys? Did you know about the time required for you get money after taking part in these surveys? In order to know more about the different options which are available for you to answer the survey questions, it is vital for you to read the below article till the very end. Below we are trying to list the best survey apps for iPhone and Android. 

Surveys On The Go

The first application that is part of the apps which are selected for taking surveys is Surveys On The Go. As the name suggest, the surveys that you need to take in this particular app does not take more than ten to fifteen minutes. Also keep in mind that, PayPal is used for paying the users in cash.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • It is faster process for earning money
  • Preferred for being straightforward application
  • Surveys can be finished in minutes
  • Known to be used for only surveys
  • Also, this particular application is free to use




The second app that is included in the complete list of survey applications is going to be iPoll. Moreover, you must remember that, in order to take advantage of the offer, it is important for the user to click pictures or go to a specific store. Also, do enjoy rewards after finishing missions.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Have chance to earn quicker
  • Do not forget to complete missions
  • Also, this app is multi-functional in nature
  • You can get airline miles and magazine subscriptions
  • Use this specific app for free




The third application that is selected for being part of the apps is SurveyMonkey. In addition to that, this app helps you choose from different kinds of templates which are available for the users. Also, you can protect your data with the help of SSL and get prizes through Contribute feature.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Do also try for charity donations
  • Work on template of your choice
  • Data is said to be HIPPA-compliant
  • Enjoy results in real time
  • You can get in-purchases option




Remember that the fourth app that is part of the list of survey applications is QuickThoughts. Moreover, one of the most important things that you must keep in mind in this particular app is that, you get to take not more than five surveys in a given day. Also, the topics are said to be, according to your interests.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Known to ask for opinion of users
  • Always visit local stores for getting points
  • Also, $10 is minimum amount to redeem
  • Surveys are related to your interested topics
  • This Quick Thoughts app is available for free



NCP Mobile

The fifth application that is included in the top survey apps which are out there is going to be NCP Mobile. Along with that, this specific app is known to have a good support system for the users. Moreover, this application is said to be for the registered members of National Consumer Panel.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get to earn directly from app
  • Is preferred for its user interface
  • Have ability to also play games
  • Do check Scan New Purchases button
  • The NCP Mobile application is free to use



Survey Junkie

The sixth app that is going to be talked about in the list of survey apps is Survey Junkie. One of the vital things in this particular survey app that you must always remember is about the ability to earn extra points by referring to friends and along with completing surveys. Moreover, you have the chance to get around $10 in terms of rewards options.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • You can also get gift cards
  • It does help to improve retail products
  • Earn upto around thousand points
  • Do always go for longer surveys
  • Can avail Survey Junkie app for free




It is very important for you to note that, the Mindswarms application helps you to get $50 for every survey that you take part in. In addition to that, you must always keep in mind that you are required to do a recording of video testing a product for around ten minutes.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • You have option to browse different studies
  • Get upto $ 50 for giving your survey
  • It is vital for you to complete your profile
  • Do receive payment in around twenty-four hours
  • Additionally, this application is free to use



Panel App

The eight app which is included in the list of best applications that should be used for taking surveys is going to become Panel App. In addition to that, it is also much more preferred as you be taking surveys when you visit places such as restaurants as well as stores and is known to pay the users in real money.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Will be able to take part in many contests
  • Do not forget to go for Panel App offers
  • Must visit restaurants and stores
  • Prizes are mailed to you directly
  • Panel App is said to be free to use



Survey Mini

The ninth application that is part of the names of survey apps which are mentioned in this post is Survey Mini. Moreover, one of the best advantages of taking surveys in this specific survey app is that, they are quick to answer as the number of questions is surveys is almost around eleven questions. It helps you to get free items from the stores.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Do not forget to take gift cards
  • Have chance to gather more points
  • It will not be more that only 11 questions to answer
  • Will help you save a lot of time
  • This specific app if available for free



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Do note that, the very last app that will be mentioned in the list is to be Ipsos. In addition to that, it is very vital for you to understand that, this specific application is said to be used for political matters. Along with that, the users are said to be targeted for the purpose of marketing research.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Can withdraw minimum amount of $10
  • Cash can be redeemed through PayPal
  • It is used for political opinions
  • Used for targeted marketing research
  • You can use Ipsos Mobile app for free



Now You Try:

So now, you have got better understanding about the choices that you have in your hand in starting to take online surveys which will be paying your money in return. Along with that, in the previous blogpost, we have mentioned in detail about the ultimate applications for cashback rewards and benefits to start using. You are advised to read the article very thoroughly before coming back to this particular part for knowing for applications which are useful to monetary professionals who are out there. Thus, the time has come for the people who are looking to get money through survey options to start implementing the things that were explained in the post above. However, do not forget to share your important input without any fail!

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