Top Balance Transfer Credit Cards in 2018

Do you know about Balance Transfer credit cards? What are the things to remember about balance transfer card? What are the top credit card companies which offer balance transfer cards to the credit holders. The team at Credit Health Care is here to assist you in this matter.


Now, we will discuss about Balance Transfer credit cards. The most rewarding feature of credit card balance transfer is that the entire pending amount gets paid in the form of a demand draft that is issued by the new credit card company towards your old credit card. This saves you the burden of additional interest payment on the credit card pending bill. The interest now that you will pay will be decided by your new credit card. Generally, the interest charged to avail credit card balance transfer facility is less than what is charged by banks on credit card pending bills. However, this lowered rate of interest is only applicable for a specific period of time after which standard interest rates apply. Thus, it is crucial to pay off your credit to the new credit card issuer within the stipulated time in order to avoid hefty interest rates.

Top Balance Transfer Credit Cards in 2018

What are the things to keep in mind while buying Balance Transfer credit cards ? What are the most vital mistakes that people tend to make while transferring their money from one credit card to another? To know about these vital tips, do not forget to read the post in details.

Barclaycard Arrival® Plus World Elite Mastercard®

Reasons to Choose

  • Do not forget to take the advantage of Barclaycard gift cards which are available in around 7000 places
  • Also you the Barclaycard fleet cards in order to track your spending and enjoy amazing rebates
  • Must keep in mind that you do not have to any extra money for the purpose of fraud liability
  • You have the chance to earn 25¢ in a gallon for spending each $100 in the initial 90 days
  • Get the chance to redeem rewards points as Barclaycard ATMs and also no need to pay any kind of annual fees
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American Express Cash Magnet™ Card

Reasons to Choose

  • You do not have to make any kind of annual fee payment and fraud liability is also free of cost
  • Do not forget to earn 3¢ for making purchases and recharges at centers which allow American Express cards
  • Remember to take advantage of 24X7 access to the ATMs which are known to have Cirrus symbol
  • Also you get to have 5% as cash back from all purchases in the initial four months
  • Get the chance to earn Visa® Spend credit after spending on $300 to $100 for recharges and purchases

U.S. Bank Cash 365™ American Express® Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Do note that for the first year, the introductory APR average is 0%
  • Take the help of extended warranty protection for more that one year if you have not crossed three years
  • Always remember that you will have to pay only 3% as foreign transactions cost
  • You need to be very aware that late payments depends on your balance and can range between $15 and $39
  • There is no case of annual fees along with the chance to earn $300 for making purchases for $3,000 or more

PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature® Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Do not forget to enjoy $100 as sigh-up bonus for initial 90 days on spending within $1,500
  • Also get the chance to avail 5% cashback in every purchases that you make
  • This card is known to be ideal for armed forces personnel
  • Keep in mind about the late fee charges which varies from $10 to $25 further depending on the credit in your account
  • The variable APR amount is around 13.74% to 24.74% for the cardholders

Chase Slate® credit card

Reasons to Choose

  • You do not have the pay the annual fee which is around $95 for the initial 12 months
  • Get the chance to have 3 points on making purchases of every $1 at stores and restaurants
  • Do not forget to redeem the credit card points which you earn also go for gift cards
  • Also get the ability to access the Private Pass program along with concierge services which are personalized
  • Remember that you do not have to pay any kind of foreign transaction fee but late payments is around $35

Santander Sphere® Credit Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Do not forget to take the advantage of cash rewards which are available to unlimited employee cards
  • Also you get the chance to not make any average introductory APR for the initial 9 months
  • You should also know that the balance transfer fee is between 3% or $5, whichever is greater
  • Remember that the foreign transaction fee varies from 2% in case of dollars denomination to 3% foreign currency denomination
  • However, you must also keep in mind that the late free payments can range between $19 and $39 along with depending on your credit balance

Discover it® Balance Transfer

Reasons to Choose

  • Get the chance to have $0.05 for every kind of purchases that you make
  • Do not forget to including other family members into taking this credit card for free
  • Moreover, you do have to pay additional costs for the purpose of making foreign transaction fee
  • You need to pay around $38 as part of late payment so pay on time
  • Also, advance fee in cash for the credit card is around $10 or 5% – whichever is greater

Capital One® Quicksilver® Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Do not forget to avail the benefit that you can enjoy by becoming Capital One Preferred Rewards client and get to increase your bonus from 25% to 75%
  • Also you should know about the variable APR percentage that needs to paid does range between 14.99% and 24.99%
  • Moreover, you must be ware that the balance transfer fees for this particular credit card goes to around 3% or minimum amount of $10
  • You get to earn cashback at the rate of 1% on any kind of spendings, 2% on grocery stores and also 3% on purchases which combines to $2,500
  • Go for this credit card as you do not have to pay annual fees along with 0% of introductory APR average


Now You choose:

So now, these balance transfer credit cards will help to secure more money while changing from one credit card to another. Before you start thinking of going in for a balance transfer, you need to first know what a credit card balance transfer actually means. To put it in the simplest of terms, balance transfer in credit cards means that you transfer the amount you owe on one card to another card. By doing this you actually end up paying for the first card and owe that amount on the other credit card. One main reason why someone might go in for a balance transfer could be that the other card offers lower interest rates which would mean it would be cheaper to pay it back through the other card. Thus, the time has come for the readers to go through the list and pick the one that best suites to their needs!

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