Top Credit Cards for Military Personal

Are you in the army or marines? What are the ideal credit cards to use by the military and also, it’s family members? What are the benefits to be availed that the military and the families should be aware of? What are the top credit card insurers who target the military personnel? The Credit Health care team will give the names of the best credit cards for the military.


Now, we will discuss about the many advantages that one can have by using the given list of credit cards. The credit card industry is transforming in a big way with the growth of online marketplace. Many new trends are being developed for the benefit of the credit card holders. The main aim of using the credit cards is to avail the many discounts and rebates that you can enjoy through the process. All the government agency employees are subjected to some benefits and there are number of credit card insurers who are looking to gather their customer base from these groups. In addition to that, the credit cards are not only used for shopping purposes but also for accumulating rewards, earning airline miles and many more useful pluses. Moreover, you can take expert opinion if you feel that you are being cheated or have less knowledge about the process. The credit cards who features are discussed in detail in the post below are namely Navy Federal Cash Rewards Visa, PenFed Promise Visa Card, USAA Secured Visa, Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, Citi Double Cash Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Discover it® Secured Card, Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Card, United MileagePlus® Club Card and also American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Card.

Top Credit Cards for Military Personal

Can you tell about the important things that needs to be kept in mind while getting credit card(s) for yourself? What are the points to follow in order to renew your credit cards in a much more cost-effective manner? I am military personnel, so can you all suggest me with the most popular and trusted credit card companies which are useful for us? To get the necessary details, start to read the post.

Navy Federal Cash Rewards Visa

Reasons to Choose

  • You will have the chance to accumulate unlimited reward points as it does not expire
  • Must use the credit card to make purchases at Member Mall to get more rewards
  • Have the ability to earn $100 cash back after using $1,000 for purchases in the initial 3 months
  • Also entitled to win 1.5% cash back offer on all spendings
  • Do note to use the Collision Damage Waiver coverage as part of car rental insurance
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PenFed Promise Visa Card

Reasons to Choose

  • It provides EMV chip-enabled technology for giving more security the credit card holders
  • You are also entitled to get statement credit for upto $100
  • Have the ability to acquire more credit by using this particular credit card
  • Do not forget to use the alert feature after making the purchases
  • The insurer are also known to provide loans if necessary

USAA Secured Visa

Reasons to Choose

  • This credit card is said to be ideal for military member and the families associated with them
  • Known to use very secure and logon options for added protection
  • Never forget to check your credit score when required
  • It is useful credit card for those who want to build their credit
  • Have the ability to choose your credit limit

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Reasons to Choose

  • Have the ability to acquire 6% cash back offers at US supermarkets
  • Do not forget to get more rewards by adding more credit cards
  • Also remember that the gift card redemptions offer starts at $25
  • You will enjoy the feature of online account management system
  • Must use the Pay It option when you require to make small amount spendings

Citi Double Cash Card

Reasons to Choose

  • The credit card company do not charge any fee for missing your first credit card free payment
  • Do remember to go for the Citi® Private Pass® feature
  • You are also entitled to the Citi® Identity Theft Solutions
  • Have the chance to benefit from The Lost Wallet® Service if needed
  • It is known to use EMV Chip Technology for purpose of travel protection

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Reasons to Choose

  • You will get to earn 3x points on purchases in dining and travel
  • The credit card also provides spending and travel coverage to their customers
  • Do not worry about cases of travel restrictions
  • Be part of the very useful premier rewards program
  • Have the chance to earn more 50% through travel redemption process

Discover it® Secured Card

Reasons to Choose

  • It is vital for you have refundable security deposit
  • Have the ability to track wrong use of your Social Security number
  • You will have 2% cash back on almost every spendings till $1,000
  • Insurer matches and provides the cashback accumulated after initial year
  • Do not forget to evaluate your FICO® Credit Score

Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Have the ability to get 1.5% cash back on every spendings
  • Do not forget to use the auto rental insurance feature
  • You also have additional warranty protection
  • Must avail the 24/7 roadside assistance when needed
  • Check your credit score to manage your money better

United MileagePlus® Club Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Chance to save around $240 for each roundtrip
  • Do not miss chance to grab 1.5 miles for each $1 spent
  • Always go for United ClubSM membership
  • Your rewards start with around 12,500 miles
  • You have the ability to get unlimited rewards points

American Express Hilton Honors Aspire Card

Reasons to Choose

  • You get to earn 7x Hilton Honors bonus points at select US restaurants
  • Do not forget to use the $250 Hilton resort statement credit
  • By using this credit card, avail complementary diamond status
  • When you a book a hotel, get chance to acquire $100 in credits as charges
  • Also entitled to insurance for your rental vehicle damage


Now You choose:

So now, the given credit cards will make it much more easier for the different marines or army members to make the best use of them while making purchases or using the many beneficiary offers that the credit card companies offer to their clients through these credit cards. It is a true fact that many credit cards are entitled to select users and also give specific deals and discounts for the credit card holders to make the maximum use of it. You do know that, there are many big and small divisions with the US army and we plan to cover all of them in this particular article. In a later blog, we will be discussing about the most important types of credit cards which are very useful to use for the army veterans. So do come back here to find exciting information about the various types of credit cards which are available in the market. Thus, the time has arrived for the military people to make the right choice after looking at the features of each credit cards mentioned in the post above. If you are looking for finance tips then in our earlier blog post we already discuss about the finance tips for military members. However, do not forget to make share your valuable feedback in the comments section!

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