Top Business Credit Cards in 2018

This is the list of the top business credit cards to use for both small and large business owners. We have the credit cards which offer maximum rewards, easy benefits and offer numerous parks for all kinds of business along with enjoying high ratings.


All the top credit cards companies have found ways to simplify the expenses for all small and big business firms. Every large corporate as well as startups have a lot of expenses to cover in order to carry on their daily businesses as well as banking activities which also includes traveling and hotel stays. The amount of expenses and number of transactions made are much higher than any personal bank holders account. For that very purpose, credit issuers offer amazing discount and money saving plans for the firms with their unique credit card plans. The advantages of investing in business credit cards is not only enjoying rewards and rebates but also in better functioning of the business and the various monetary processes involved with it.

Top Business Credit Cards in 2018

Can you tell me about the best credit cards to be used by both small and large business firms? Name the best business credit cards ideal to use by business owners? Take a look at the best credit cards to be used for your daily business activities and also have benefits.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business

Reasons to Choose

  • This is your chance to earn bonus of $500 in the initial three months
  • Ideal chance to include cards for employees free of cost
  • Find ideal variable standards APR of around 18.49%
  • Always remember to use coverage for frauds without any extra cost
  • Avail Spark Cash which includes cashback from 2% to unlimited amounts

American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

Reasons to Choose

  • This is your ideal chance to win membership rewards points upto 50,000
  • Your opportunity to win GSuite for initial three moths for around $1,500
  • Avail amazing benefits of 1X, 2X and also 3X spendings on every dollar
  • Chance to integrate with business travel account and also vPayments
  • Ideal opportunity to always go for buyer initiated payments (BIP)

Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Unique chance to get almost three points for every dollar spendings
  • Avail Chase Ultimate Rewards® to enjoy benefits for hotels, cruises and auto rentals
  • Get chance to transfer through 1:1 points exchange
  • Use card to get bonus rewards upto $5,000 for the initial three months
  • It is worth redeeming points for up to around 25%

Southwest Business Credit Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Ideal chance to enjoy unlimited points after opening your credit card account
  • Also get to earn bonus points upto 6,000 as anniversary offers
  • Get chance to spend around $3,000 for initial three months
  • Have benefits to get $1 in every spendings for Southwest Airlines®
  • This is your unique opportunity to get purchase and travel coverages

United MileagePlus Explorer Business Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Do not forget to use MileagePlus miles for saver packages to travel in Canada and continental USA
  • Chance to earn unlimited miles through your credit card spendings
  • Avail amazing benefits of boarding on priority for carholders
  • Unique chance to go for additional emoployee cards at free costs
  • Go for excellent chance to get bonus miles of 10,000

Citi AAdvantage Platinum Card

Reasons to Choose

  • This is ideal for iPhone users as you get to pay with Apple Pay
  • Use of extended security feature having EMV chip technology
  • Always have opportunity to enjoy savings upto 25% for food on American Airlines flights
  • Enjoy first checked baggage in your domestic flights free of cost
  • Unique chance to earn $2,500 in spendings for initial three months


Now You choose:

Now, that you have found about the credit cards to use for businesses, it is the time to understand the benefits and amazing advantages of using these cards over any other credit cards available specially for the business owners. These kinds of credit cards are designed to serve specific purposes and help get benefits that other cards are not able to generate. The most unique features of using credit cards are namely, more than one sign-in advantages, spending and tracking business expenses, rewards on specific spendings, credit cards for company employee with purchasing caps, improve you funds generation and also high better your business credit score and report. However, it is also important to know about the high late fees for business cards and to make timely payments in order to have better business credit score.

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