Top Credit Cards for Students in 2018

Here is the guide for the college students who are aiming for their first credit card . Given in the post are the top credit card options for best companies which helps in accumulating rewards, rebates and also exciting types of discounts.


We are here to give more knowledge about credit and specially credit cards to the the young students. It is great news that the top credit card companies and banks have made special credit cards for the young adults. Along with finding the best credit cards, it is important to check the additional features such as benefits, rewards, discounts and also adequate amount of protection. In addition to that, do learn about the special arrangements for the students who are younger than the age of twenty-one such as consigning along with parents or guardians. Moreover, take a note of the use of authorized user in case of joint responsibility and the additional payment of some required charges. However, do not forget to check regular credit score and credit history.

Top Credit Cards for Students in 2018

What are the best credit card options that the college students can go for? What are the top credit card companies which are providing offers for the student community? Keep reading the post to find the best options for student credit cards in 2018.

Upromise World Mastercard®

Reasons to Choose

  • Find additional benefits in cash back mount of 2% for movie theater and department store spendings
  • This is your chance to get additional 5% along with unlimited purchases
  • Try to know about standard average APR amount of 14.24% to 22.24%
  • Do not forget about rewards in rate of around $10
  • Go for redeem of your account through loan payoffs and savings deposits

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

Reasons to Choose

  • This is your chance to avail total cash back rate from around 1.25% to unlimited amount
  • Go for more additional rewards options from $25 to $200
  • Find about average APR rate of around 24.99%
  • Get ideal chance to avail benefits from Capital One CreditWise suite
  • Do get offers on increase in credit line for the initial five months

Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students

Reasons to Choose

  • Try to get additional $150 as bonus after the initial three months
  • This is your chance to avail standard APR variable of around 14.49% to 24.49%
  • Get unique opportunity to access the free FICO® score
  • Have to get more benefits in terms of cash back at interest rate of 1% on all spendings
  • Avail around customer bonus of 10% while linking your account to savings or checking account

Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card

Reasons to Choose

  • Avail additional protection from theft and fraud for initial four months
  • Have chance to get bonus of around $25 as sign-up amount
  • Do not forget to avail cash back of 1% for all spendings
  • This is your opportunity to go for the Citi Private Pass program
  • Ideal chance to get APR of around 14.24% to 24.24%

MBNA Rewards MasterCard® credit card for Students

Reasons to Choose

  • Do know about standard APR value of around 18.99%
  • This is your chance to redeem more points in terms of gift cards and merchandises
  • Have chance to earn rewards points on each $1 spendings
  • Try to get additional benefits of availing cash advances of around 21.99%
  • Get more benefits in terms of 19.99% in all kinds of spendings

Discover it® for Students

Reasons to Choose

  • Go for ultimate 1% as cash back options for different kinds of spendings
  • Do not forget to avail additional statement credit of $20
  • Have ideal chance for dollar to dollar match for initial one year
  • Know that standard average APR is around 14.49% to 23.49%
  • Avail additional rewards points through


Now You choose:

The millennial and the modern students are becoming more concerned about money and how to make adequate savings and also fund their education. The credit card market keeps on offering new discounts and rebates to the student community. Along with aiming for secured credit card transacting are vying for more rewards, there are many kinds of additional benefits that the students should always look for in the students credit cards. The features are namely chip cards, text banking, free FICO® score, paperless statement options and use of digital wallet technology. Along with special kinds of credit cards for the young adults, travelers, shoppers; all the top credit card companies have come up with excellent credit card offers for the student community.

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