Top Charge Cards to Know in 2018

You must have definitely heard of credit cards. Credit cards is booming and is much more in demand than ever because of the internet age, where monetary dealing with credit cards are much more easier. Now, we will discuss about charge cards.


Along with credit and debit cards, the market of charge cards seems to be gaining some ground in the recent past. With the growth of online market and more use of plastic money, the future of charge cards seems to be very bright. The charge cards which are discussed in this post are The American Express Platinum charge card, Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express, American Express® Green Card, Centurion® Card from American Express and also Chase Ink Bold. The main difference that lies between the charge cards and credit cards is that the former does not have any spending limit but however, it is very important to note that, you also must pay of the entire amount every month before you are entering into another month cycle.

Top Charge Cards to Know in 2018

What are the actual benefits of using charge cards in the online market? What are the main difference between charge cards and credit cards? Name you tell me about the top charge cards that I can use in the year 2018.

The American Express Platinum charge card

Top travel credit card

Reasons to Choose

  • This is your chance to earn bonus of $500 in the initial three months
  • Ideal chance to include cards for employees free of cost
  • Find ideal variable standards APR of around 18.49%
  • Always remember to use coverage for frauds without any extra cost
  • Avail Spark Cash which includes cashback from 2% to unlimited amounts
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Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express

Reasons to Choose

  • This is your ideal chance to win membership rewards points upto 50,000
  • Your opportunity to win GSuite for initial three moths for around $1,500
  • Avail amazing benefits of 1X, 2X and also 3X spendings on every dollar
  • Chance to integrate with business travel account and also vPayments
  • Ideal opportunity to always go for buyer initiated payments (BIP)

American Express® Green Card

Reasons to Choose

  • You chance to win double membership Rewards® points
  • Also get car rental loss and damage insurance
  • Avail points for every dollar that you spend
  • Enjoy benefit of hotel memebership charges
  • Do not forget to go for shopping and entertainment benefits

Centurion® Card from American Express

Reasons to Choose

  • You are bound to get many purchase rewards
  • Get chance to avail annual air travel credit of $200
  • Also do go for the global entry fee credit
  • Enjoy benefits of using rental cars
  • Do try elevated hotel membership status

Chase Ink Bold

Reasons to Choose

  • Unique chance to get almost three points for every dollar spendings
  • Avail Chase Ultimate Rewards® to enjoy benefits for hotels, cruises and auto rentals
  • Get chance to transfer through 1:1 points exchange
  • Use card to get bonus rewards upto $5,000 for the initial three months
  • It is worth redeeming points for up to around 25%


Now You choose:

So, you have read the post and learned about the top charge cards that you can use for shopping now. Moreover, these charge cards are very useful to business owners who needs to buy things more often using credit cards and are disappointed by the various restrictions that the Credit Cards provide. However, with charge cards the problem seems to be tackled very well. Through, it must be taken into notice that, charge cards also ensures that you keep daily track of the your cards activities and there are minimal chances of default as you have to pay the monthly payments which will very essential to keep your cards dues in order. Thus, you have learned about the pros of using charge cards and passing on credit cards as the best online transaction option out their. Now, choose the charge card that you want and start buying stuff!

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