Tips to Keep your Credit Cards more Safer

Are you part of any online credit card scams online? It is very important to be safe and sound while dealing with money on the internet. The team at Credit Health Care has come up with the guidelines that needs to be followed necessarily in order to secure your online credit cards.


There are many credit card issues that needs to be taken into account in order to ensure protection and safety for all online deals by using credit cards. The different things that you should always take note while using credit cards next time online are handling credit card(s) with care, signing credit card(s), safe keeping Personal Identification Number (PIN), must destroy credit card(s) statements, tracking credit card(s) activities, checking monthly statements, not share credit card(s) information, always secure online devices, identifying fake apps and also use virtual or temporary credit card(s).

Tips to Keep your Credit Cards more Safer

What are the silly mistakes that people make while buying stuff online with credit cards online? Can you share with me about the top Credit Card safety tips that one should take in order to deal with credit and debit cards? Keep reading thew post two about the step-by-step lists that helps you should start following now.

Handle Credit Card(s) with care

This is the most basic thing that everyone should know about using credit cards, is to keep it in a very safe place. Otherwise, you will not be able to fetch it and losing you credit card will have very bad consequences.

It is important to note that, it is never a good idea to carry a credit card on its own outside of your wallet. A credit card can easily get misplaced or stolen, yet tends to stay put when resting within a slot in your wallet.

Do sign Credit Card(s)

A thief can easily add his or her own version of your signature to a lost or stolen card you did not bother to sign. Do not make it easy for him. Sign the back of your credit card as soon as you receive it as a way to protect yourself if your card is ever stolen.

Remember that while choosing your PIN, avoid choosing numbers related to your birth date, phone number, social insurance number or family names. It is important to note that if someone steals your wallet, they may find that information and guess your PIN.

Keep Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Do know that most credit cards require you to enter your PIN before you use them. Do not let anyone else see your PIN when you enter it into a card reader or ATM. Choose a number you can remember and do not carry any record of it in your wallet.

Moreover, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a security code for verifying your identity. Similar to a password, your PIN should be kept secret because it allows access to important services like the ability to withdraw cash and changing personal information.

Destroy Credit Card(s) statements

Do know that thieves can gain access to your account is by gleaning information from your statements. These statements can contain credit card data that can be used to steal your identity. Moreover, statements and other mailings often contain so-called convenience checks, which are ripe for fraud.

However, to keep that information secure, be sure to store your statements in a safe place, and shred them before you dispose of them. Never leave your statements visible in your workplace or in your vehicle.

Track Credit Card(s) activities

Do always watch when the sales person processes your purchase. Make sure they do not take an extra copy of your card. Also be sure to get your card back after you use it. So, it is always better to be careful. If you got stuck in Credit Card fraud then you should know how to win Credit Card fraud disputes

Do know that your bank will be able to track your online transactions done on your lost cards. There are many online and offline credit card tracking tools and options that you must use to keep your credit cards safe online.

See Monthly Statement

It is always a good practice to periodically check your credit reports to make sure there are no new accounts opened in your name without your knowledge. If you see an account that is not yours, you can right away contact your credit card issuer.

Remember that by monitoring your credit scores regularly, you can also be alerted to potential identity theft if you notice an unexpected drop in your scores. You should also know that you can check your credit reports for free once a year.

Not share Credit Card(s) info

All the banking and online experts always suggest not to share your sensitive information online. Do remember that, this information can be used to fool your credit card issuer into giving access to thieves.

It is important to note that once they have stolen your identity, their next step is to change your address and order new credit cards sent there. If personal information, such as your mother’s maiden name, is already out on the Internet, consider changing your security codes to something else.

Always secure Online Devices

Online activities is becoming more complex, nowadays. Make sure to use a separate password for every account you make with an online retailer. A password manager is the easiest way to generate and store unique passwords across sites.

You should always remember to not type your details out in public view where people can see your screen. Also, avoid connecting to public wi-fi networks if you are shopping on a mobile device and use your cellular data instead.

Identify fake Apps

Be very careful about online apps. Not every app is legitimate, especially when it comes to retail apps. Always double-check before downloading to make sure it is from the real merchant. A lack of reviews on the app store, typos in the description or app itself could be red flags.

The apps that ask for you to grant excessive permissions, paid apps, or those that ask for your credit card details immediately are also warning signs and it is very important to note down the list of fake apps in order to deal with online credit cards.

Use virtual Credit Card(s)

There are some banks and financial institutions let you generate a virtual credit card number . This is a single-use number linked to your real card that often has a fixed spending limit and an expiry date.

The main advantage of using them is that even if a merchant is compromised and your details are exposed, thieves only get this temporary number. You should definitely try this options as it is the most secure and very hard for online scammers to steal your information.

Remember to be Safe:

So, you have learnt that, there are many important things that you must need to consider in order to ensure that you are not duped or fall prey to any online hacks and scams which are more rampant and difficult to decipher with the growth of online market more than ever before. The credit cards along with debit cards have made life easy with making online monetary transaction much easier and faster than ever before. However, it is always advised by cyber cell experts to be aware of the recent developments and also keep track of the necessary tools and hacks which are ideal to keep your online money safe. Thus, do online shopping without any fear!

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