10 Credit Report apps for Android and iPhone

Do you know credit score? When was the last time that you checked your credit report? Did you know that apps can help you to monitor your credit score? Credit Health Care has list the most trusted and popular credit report apps in the credit report market.


Now, we are going to talk about the need to use apps for checking your credit score and credit report on a regular basis. Along with tracking your money, these are very useful in proving valuable guidance to the users about the way to improve their credit history over the years. The listed credit report and score monitoring apps are CreditWise, Credit Sesame, Credit Karma, TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, NerdWallet, myFICO, Mint and also WalletHub. The credit of an individual comes within the range of zero to one thousand. According to sources, an average American have a credit score of around 695. In addition to that, there are many other advantages of keeping a good credit score as it will benefit your professional and monetary activities. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that credit score of a person which is lower than 630 is considered to be poor and needs improvement. However, it is suggested to take professional help to better your credit history.

10 Credit Report apps for Android and iPhone

What are the best apps to check credit score? I have been checking the my credit score for long through the website and now am thinking about using the online apps, so can you suggest me with the ones that are most effective and useful? In order to find the answers to above questions, you first need to check the given apps which are listed below.


CreditWise is brought to you by Capital One. The different features that one can get through this particular app is that, it tracks the SSN, scans the dark web and helps to detect any frauds in your credit activities. In addition to that, you are also notified about the different changes which occur to your credit score, credit accounts and much more. Also, take the help of Simulator function available in the app.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Capital One comes up with the CreditWise app
  • Is known to have SSN tracking capabilities
  • Do not forget to use the Simulator process
  • It is available for free
  • Provides you with email notifications



Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a known in the credit education industry as the website has provided valuable information to the users. In addition to that, it is solely aimed at improving your credit history in the long-term and assist you with credit ad loans and also teaching you ways in order to save more money. Moreover, you have real-time monitoring features which is very useful to tracking your money regularly.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Do check our their website
  • It is a known name in credit information market
  • You can also enjoy real-time monitoring
  • Also use feature of identity theft protection
  • Get to check your loan details



Credit Karma

Credit Karma is said to be, one of the easiest credit score application that you must try to use. In addition to that, it has 128-bit encryption system and never use any third-party affiliation for the purpose of sharing data. Do also check the credit resources sections in order to maximize your money and improve your credit history over a period of time. They also provide personalized results.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Credit send alerts while monitoring credit
  • Do use the credit resource section
  • Helps to give personalized information
  • This app is available for free
  • Provides with 128-bit encryption process




TransUnion is a credit bureau which is known to provide credit score to its members. The app has also some exciting features for businesses where it provides industry insights to the customers. Also, you are secured through the data breach services. Moreover, it also has customer assistance in order to clear any doubts regarding your credit along with giving credit lock feature.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • It is one of the credit bureaus
  • The data is not compromised with
  • Take the help of customer assistance
  • Do not forget to use credit lock function
  • You also know about industry trends




Along with TransUnion, Equifax is one of the credit bureau that boasts of having around eight hundred million subscribers and is know to cater to around eighty eight million business from around the world. It is always suggested to check the website to know more about the corporate processes of employee and employers and its related credit issues. Moreover, you can also tax credit benefits.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Have ability to freeze Equifax credit report
  • Provide helps related to credit activities
  • Do get to check credit report annually
  • It also helps to protect identity
  • Know more about credit lenders

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The third on the list of credit bureaus is Experian. This app gives you the chance to check your credit score which is available to users on a monthly basis along with securing your credit report. It also assists in dealing with credit dispute issues. Moreover, you get to control the access to your credit report and get help in knowing about any case of credit fraud in association to your money.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • This is a paid app
  • Credit report is provided monthly
  • Gert regular alerts on credit scores
  • Helps to deal with credit disputes
  • Know more about credit monitoring process




Just like Credit karma, it is also known to provide very useful information to customers who have doubts regarding the credit or other monetary activities. By becoming a NerdWallet member, you are not only entitled to know about your credit score, but also get assistance in order to spend money and track the process. Do not forget to take the help of online broker service of theirs in order to deal with brokerages.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Do take help of savings account features
  • It is protected by 128-bit encryption systems
  • You get the chance to track your spending
  • Also take the help of online brokerage
  • Also known to provide mortgage assistance

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myFICO is claimed to be used by credit lenders and is known to be used in most of the lending procedure in the country and worldwide. In addition to that, you must also use the forum section in the myfico website in order to take the help of more than 120,000 peers. Moreover, you can also calculate your credit and track them in order to improve your credit score. You can also check their personal loan feature.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Has more than 120,000 forum users
  • Get chance to calculate your credit
  • Known to be favored by credit lenders
  • Lending process is done through it
  • Do also know about credit education




Mint is a popular name on the finance education which also helps to check your credit score. Along with giving credit reports, it is known to track your bills and making sure that you pay on time. In addition to that, the app also helps to make budgets according to monetary situation and assist you in sticking to it. Moreover, your data is controlled by 256-bit encryption process.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Known to provide credit repair services
  • Have 256-bit encryption ability
  • Assists in drafting budgets
  • Know when you are overspending
  • Know about about savings capabilities




WalletHub is known to one of the easy credit monitoring app out there. It is known to give meany features for the purpose of your improving your credit activities and teach you about the process to save more money. Moreover, you are also provided with credit reports on a daily basis. You must also use this app in order to have personalized guidance regarding to different monetary activities.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • It provides free credit score
  • Helps to get personalized assistance
  • Get to check credit report daily
  • Know where to save your money
  • Do know about credit monitoring process



Check Credit Score:

However, it is true fact apps provide different credit scores for same individual and it is vital for the user to choose the one which is the most accurate and furthermore, is helpful in satisfying your monetary expectations and goals for the future. Thus, the time has for out readers to read the details of each of the apps which are provided in the blog and finally choose the one that, they find to be the most beneficial out of all of them!

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