How to get and use your first credit card

In the age of technology and internet, credit cards and debit cards are considered one of the most powerful financial tools to use. Read about the top ten things that every new credit card buyer or holder must know about.


It is very important to have knowledge and understand the perks and hidden disadvantages of using credit cards. Use of credit cards is a must as almost all kinds of transactions including online is possible by using credit cards. In addition to that, all credit card users should take precautionary measures to not fall into any credit card debt as it negatively hampers your credit history. It is also important to monitor your always credit card activity The steps to buying your first credit card includes that you must qualify, know top Credit card issuers and also do take help. After getting credit cards, you also need to know more about credit cards, calculate introductory rates, understand interest rates, set credit card limit, credit card budget facility, make timely payment and remember to manage your credit score.

How to get and use your first credit card

What the top 10 things that every new credit card users should know? How can you qualify for getting your own credit card? What the things about credit cards that you should be aware of? This article from Credit Health care guides you in buying your first credit cards and also share tips for using credit cards in the right manner.

How to get credit cards:

Must qualify

The primary task that credit card aspirants should remember for getting their first credit card is to be aware of the requirements for having credit cards and also qualify for the same. In addition to that, you should also have good credit history to enjoy credit card benefits.

  • Primarily you must qualify
  • It is vital for credit card aspirants
  • Should be aware of requirements
  • Take necessary step to get qualify
  • Try to have good credit history

Top Credit card issuers

You can read our previous article for top credit card companies to know about the credit card issuers or banks where you can apply for getting your first credit card buyer. It is always recommended to know about the credit card policies and hidden features before buying your first credit card.

  • Know about top credit card issuers
  • Approach banks and apply for credit cards
  • Take note of documents required for credit card application
  • Choose between many credit card companies
  • Be aware of credit card policies and hidden features

Do take help

Remember to take professional help if you not ware of the credit card trends. You financial advisor will guide you about choosing the best credit credit card for yourself and other family members. You should be well versed with the benefits and perk of the credit cards and ways to build credit with it.

  • You can take help from credit card experts
  • Also can consult your financial advisor
  • Gain complete knowledge about using credit cards
  • Understand credit card benefits and rewards
  • Find ways to build credit with credit cards

How to buy Credit Cards:

Know about Credit Cards

After getting hold on credit cards, you should acquire much knowledge about credit cards in order to be aware of the credit card frauds and also know the ways to use credit card rewards and also win credit card points. Learn about the tips that helps to have maximum benefits from your credit cards.

  • Do Know as much as possible about credit cards
  • Learn to check your credit card activity
  • Do not fall trap to credit card frauds
  • Know ways to win credit card points
  • Acquire maximum benefit from your credit card

Calculate Introductory Rates

One of the tricky things to understand about credit cards is to calculate the introductory rates of the credit cards. Most of the credit cards issuers offers free of cheap introductory prices in order to attract new customers. So, you should know about the long-term benefits of using credit cards and ways to gain credit score.

  • Always do calculate introductory rates
  • Find credit card introductory rates that suites your needs
  • Many credit cards issuers offers free of cheap introductory rates
  • Understand long-term benefits of using credit cards
  • Try to gain credit score

Understand Interest Rates

It is always important to take note of interest rates changes according to different credit cards plans and offers. It is upon you to choose the best credit cards according to your specific demands such travel credit cards, shopping credit cards, cashback credit cards and credit cards with big credit card reward points.

  • It is important to understand interest rates
  • Know that interest rates varies according to credit cards
  • Find credit cards with cheapest interest rates
  • There are different kinds of credit cards
  • You should go for credit card reward points

Set Credit Card Limit

One of the vital mistakes that many new as well as old credit card owners make is not understanding the credit card limit to have. It is important to know that, applying for increasing your credit card with your credit cards issuer will have negative effects on your credit score and credit history.

  • Do always set credit card limit
  • Learn about ways to extend your credit card limit
  • People incorrectly increase credit card limit
  • Know that applying for increasing your credit card will have negative impact
  • Understand your credit card history

Credit Card Budget Facility

The budget plays a very important role in the financial journey of a person. It is always advisable to be on budget and maintain plans in order to have more benefits from your finances. To increase credit card benefits, your must take help from Credit card budget facility.

  • Know more about credit card budget facility
  • Include budget in your finances
  • Try to stick to your budget
  • Integrate budget plan into your credit card dealings
  • Credit card budget facility has many advantages

Timely Payment

Most of the people suffer from high credit card debt because they do not follow the basic credit card rules that includes making timely payments of your credit card bills and never to skip credit card payments.

  • Remember to make timely payment
  • Many suffer from high credit card debt
  • Always track your credit card bills
  • Never forget to pay for your credit cards
  • Keep a credit card bill payment reminder

Manage Credit Score

It is important for the all types of credit card holders to understand the relation between issuing credit cards and also increasing your credit score. You should remember that high credit score comes with many benefits and perks.

  • Learn to manage your credit score
  • There are many types of credit card holders
  • Know tricks to increase your credit score
  • You can also calculate credit score
  • Understand that high credit score has more benefits and rewards

Things to Remember:

So, now that you are familiarized with the process of buying or acquiring credit cards and also about the tips to use credit cards and understand the ways to improve your credit score with the help of credit cards, it is your time to get yourself your first credit card. It is very important for the credit cards to understand the credit card befits as well as credit card mistakes that many new and old credit card holders make. Additionally, you should always keep in mind to use credit card wisely and also be aware of the many credit card frauds that happen in the market. Also , always be aware of the best deals and offers for credit card users.

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