How to improve Credit Score by 100 Points


Most people dream of improving their credit score. Better credit scores have an impact on your credit history over the years. People having good credit score get many benefits in terms of availing loans, getting jobs and much more. Increasing your credit score takes solving some short-term goals along with long-term activities which gradually improves your credit score. Learn about the simple ways that can help you to increase your credit card score by 100 points.


How to improve Credit Score by 100 Points

One of the most vital report cards that shows your financial history is the credit report. The parameters for credit score which comprises of your credit report are poor, fair, good and excellent.

Make on-time Payment

One of the vital mistakes that most credit card users make in forgetting to make the credit card payments in due time. This simple mistake does cost many dollars for users and helps you to improve your credit score points.

  • Try to keep less credit cards as possible
  • Always try to keep your credit accounts always updated
  • Not making a due payment will take your credit score down to around 100 points
  • Remember that impact of due payments shows on credit reports for around seven years
  • By correcting your mistakes in credit report, you can easily better your credit score

Remove Credit report Errors

In order to improve your credit score, the basic tweak that you must make the credit report that you have, completely error free. By making your website error-free, you can increase credit points in a rapid manner.

  • You can take professional help to correct your credit report
  • Around twenty-five percent of credit reports contains errors
  • Errors in credit report have negative impact on your credit score
  • Check free credit reports from bureaus like TransUnion, Experian and Equifax
  • Removing your credit report errors which positively show on your credit score

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Never cross Credit limits

Most of the credit card companies provides users with credit limits. This is used to monitor your spending capabilities with the credit card but try your best to stay within the credit limit of your cards.

  • Using your credit cards will helps to modify your credit score
  • The credit limit depends on the amount that your credit card carries
  • You should try to spend around thirty percent lower your credit card limit
  • Better credit history and positive credit score increases your credit limit
  • Try to pay for multiple credit cards and easily increase your credit score by 100 points


Along with these simple modifications in your credit report, there are many modifications in your finance that needs to be looked into, in order to have long term improvement in your credit score. The result in your credit score has an impact on your credit history in the long-run. You should always try to use Credit Cards in the right manner and keeps your finances updated and find ways also to decrease your credit card debt if any. The Credit cards experts are also available to help you in order to improve your credit score.

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