10 internet entrepreneurs to know

Do you consider yourself a netizen? Are you aware of the names of topmost online entrepreneurs who have helped to expand the digital world around us? What are the characteristics that the online business owners must possess in order to be more successful in building digital business on their own? Credit Health Care has listed the names of the best internet entrepreneurs who have helped to create some of the biggest online companies in the country and also around the world.


Now, we will be talking about the celebrities who have a name for themselves by displaying qualities of effective businesspersons. By making the right investments and choosing to start their own venture, they have amassed much wealth along with adding more features to their cap. In addition to that, it is not an easy task to build another entrepreneurial venture, when you are putting your time and energy in your primary work. Also, in a later post, we will be providing the names of those entrepreneurial celebrities who are also millennials. You must come back here, later to find about them. The names of the celebrities who are mentioned in the article for being good at starting their entrepreneurial ventures are namely Marc Randolph, Arianna Huffington, Mark Zuckerberg, Pierre Omidyar, Evan Spiegel, Jeff Bezos, Hiroshi Mikitani, Jack Ma, Larry Page and also Marc Benioff.

10 internet entrepreneurs to know

What are the practices that you must be applying daily in order to become good entrepreneurs? What are the difference sectors where you invest money for better returns? I have been searching for the names of celebrities who have earned their fame by not only their primary profession but also by displaying much business expertise, so can you guys provide me with the list of celebrity names that fits the bill. For those who are looking for the answer, you need to read the article till the end.

Marc Randolph

The list of celebrity business owners starts with the name of Marc Randolph. However, it is a true fact that, most people know this celebrity as the rap icon of early 1990s who transitioned into one of the most recognizable actors of our time.

In addition to that, in 2011 the entrepreneur known as Marc Randolph opened a restaurant called Randolphers with his two brothers, Donnie and Paul. Since then, the chain has spread to many locations across the country from their home state of Massachusetts to Las Vegas, and even New York’s Coney Island.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is an businesswoman who has been in the entrepreneur world for many years. She created Latin World Entertainment to represent the Latino community within the United States entertainment industry. Since founding the talent management firm back in 1994, Sophia has become a powerhouse both on and off the screen.

In addition to that, the company represents some of the biggest stars in Spanish-language television, such as Alejandra Espinoza and Rafael de La Fuenta. Raze, which Vergara founded with Balaguer as well as former president of Fox TV Studios Emiliano Calemzuk. Also, their first show, Her Name Was Dolores, the Jenn That I Knew, premiered on Univision.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, have you heard about him? As of June 18, 2012, its 28.4% share in Facebook is worth $ 14.2 billion, making it the fourth richest Internet entrepreneur of all time and the second youngest billionaire in the United States, behind his Harvard colleague Dustin Moskovitz.

In addition to that, Clooney developed the tequila with nightlife entrepreneur Rande Gerber. Again in the year 2013, the two partnered with real estate mogul Mike Meldman to launch the company named Casamigos which says it sold 120,000 cases of the liquor in 2016 and was on track to sell 170,000 this year.

Pierre Omidyar

The legend is that Pierre Omidyar created eBay to help his girlfriend sell her collection of Pez candy dispensers. 17 years later and eBay has a market capital of $ 56 billion and Pierre Omidyar has a net worth of $ 6.7 billion.

In addition to that, Omidyar has long since retired and promised to give 90% of his money to charity before he died! Pierre Omidyar is the richest person in Hawaii and lives in an impressive mansion in Honolulu.

Evan Spiegel

Reese Witherspoon is another actress who has taken her talents to other areas of the film world. In 2010, Reese co-founded the production company, Pacific Standard. With the goal to create movies from novels, Reese and Pacific.

In addition to that, her newest venture is multimedia firm Hello Sunshine, which opened for business in 2016 and aims to bring female-centric literary properties to TV and film. Hello Sunshine currently is set to produce Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and Something in the Water, the first novels of two female authors.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the richest internet entrepreneur in the world with a net worth of $ 20.2 billion! Jeff Bezos is CEO and founder of Amazon.com, the largest e-commerce company in the world. Bezos owns 20% of the monster corporation. Its net worth jumped more than 50% in 2011 thanks to the incredible growth of Amazon.

In addition to that, a diverse business portfolio has made Jay Z one of the most successful celebrity entrepreneurs. Along with it, do note that he founded entertainment company Roc Nation in 2008. According to sources, the 4:44 rapper also has an estimated $50 million stake in Armand de Brignac champagne.

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Hiroshi Mikitani

Hiroshi Mikitani is probably one of the most recognizable names in professional skateboarding. However, he’s also been an entrepreneur for quite some time. All the way back in 1992, Tony started his own skateboard manufacturing company, Birdhouse Skateboards.

In addition to starting Birdhouse, Hiroshi also helped create multiple skateboarding video games in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Jack Ma

You probably know Jack Ma from her most popular movies, like Fantastic Four and Honey, but acting isn’t the only thing she does. In 2012, Jessica entered the world of entrepreneurship with her all-natural product line, Honest Company.

In addition to that, by creating awesome baby products using only natural ingredients, Jessica Alba and Honest Company were able to become an instant success.

Larry Page

Larry Page is the co-founder of Google and current CEO of the company. Larry Page is worth approximately $ 100 million more than Sergey thanks in large part to family investments. Even before creating Google, Larry’s older brother had already sold a company for $400 million. Larry replaced Eric Schmidt as CEO in 2011.

In addition to that, the company’s offerings have grown to include spaghetti sauce, salsa, popcorn, marinades, and more. All this was done with the purpose to donate all proceeds to charities. To date, the amount contributed has surpassed $300 million.

Marc Benioff

Born and raised in Chicago, Benioff’s entrepreneurial spirit first became apparent when he was 10 and created a makeshift restaurant at his grandmother’s house. Then after thirty years, following his reality show Apprentice victory and three years working after that.

In addition to that, Marc Benioff is now an author, motivational speaker, TV host which includes an entertainment show aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, real estate developer, and co-founder of a television production company.

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