Online shopping apps for Android and iPhone users

Are you into online shopping? Are you looking for the best apps to get exciting new online shopping offers and deals? Take a look at the best apps that you should download now and start using to save more money online.


There is a huge rise in the online shopping market in the present times. According to study, not only the development nations but also the upcoming economies are also highly relying on the new online e-shopping market which has huge scope in the coming future. Most of the top IT companies who are surfing ahead in the modern market are online shopping players like Amazon and Alibaba. Many top retail brands are also entering the retail bandwagon like Walmart and Zara. Credit Health Care has come up with the most popular and trusted online shopping apps that you can buy goods today. The names which are mentioned below are Groupon, ShopSavvy, Coupons, eBay, Ebates and Flipp.

Online shopping apps for Android and iPhone users

What are the top online shopping apps that you can try now? I am new into internet buying on smartphones and tablets, can you tell me about the best mobile online shopping apps? The brands which are mentioned here, have been in the online market for long and ideal to get best online shopping deals.


Groupon is a name to reckon with the online coupons and cashback market. Along with many goods, the apps also provide exciting deals and offers for travelers who want to visit different exciting destinations around the world. You can also get deals best suited to your needs.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Groupon is one of most buyers favorite online shopping app
  • You get customized results for different deals
  • Do not forget to check the daily exciting offers
  • Get many travels and vacations offers
  • App also includes many services that you can get deals for





ShopSavvy is one of the best online resource for all who are looking to get the best online deals which are available in the online market. The different features that the users can use through the app wand website is the best review of product, and also comparison among different items to help you choose the best for you.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • ShopSavvy is one of trusted shopping apps
  • Is best online resource for online buyers
  • Helps to know more about product through review
  • Get the chance to compare between goods
  • You can buy the best product for yourself





One of the best online resource and app where you can find the best coupons and deals from the online shoppers. also a good app to try you are thinking of saving money as you can save around $100. You can also get the feature of using loyalty coupons in this app.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • One of the best online coupons apps
  • You can also use loyalty coupons option
  • Get to check the money that you are saving
  • Have the ability to get printable coupons online
  • Do not forget to check many cashback offers





You have definitely heard of eBay? It is one of the best apps available for online users who wish to sell goods online. This is the best place if you are wanting to buy almost new goods at a low price. This app can also be available through the desktop apps.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • eBay is one of most popular online shopping app
  • Almost the most used app for users to sell goods
  • Get almost all kinds of online products
  • You can get good items at low prices
  • Do not forget to use the desktop app





Ebates is the perfect app for the frequent buyers or people who are buying goods from the top brands in the country. The app is owned by the Rakuten company and helps to get exciting cash back rewards on your purchase and helps to save the balance to buy goods later art low prices.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • One place to get all the top brands
  • Is ideal for those who buy frequently
  • Helps to get best cashback offers
  • You can track your activities on the app
  • Get notifications about latest coupons and deals

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Flipp is one of the best apps that you should download now, if you are looking for online shopping app which can also help you to save more money. There are many features that you can get in this Flipp app ranging from latest online shopping apps to making your own shopping list.

Reasons to choose the App:

  • Flipp is one of the most popular apps in market
  • It has very easy app interface for users
  • Get the latest shopping ads on a weekly basis
  • You can create your own shopping list
  • Also provides a range of coupons




Things to Remember:

So, you have now read about the best apps that you should be using for online shopping deals. There are many ecommerce sites in the online market which sells goods online but if you are looking for a place to save more money by using some apps which offers new deals and rebates on every goods. You can also get cheap coupons which you can use for your online shopping in order to pay less and save more money. The list contains websites and apps which you should refer for getting offer, rebates and coupons. The goods that are sold in these apps cater to all categories from clothing, appliances, electronic goods, beauty products and house decor, movies and songs and many more.

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