10 Small Business apps for Android and iPhone users

What are the most important apps that are needed by entrepreneurs? What are the best mobile applications that the small business owners must use in order to increase their productivity level? What are the reasons to start using these apps by the startup companies? Credit Health Care is here to provide the business owners, the names of the best applications which are useful for them.


Now, let us talk in detail about the best applications that business owners must us from today in order to bring a change in their business acumen. However, it is very important to note that, technology continues to introduce new tools and functionalities that make virtually each and every aspect of business management more simple and efficient as the mall business apps and tools are opening new horizons of growth. In addition to that, mobile technology has allowed much more power to small business owners as they can now manage their businesses anytime and anywhere. They are namely Salesforce, ProtonVPN, Evernote, MailChimp, TripIt, 1Password, Pushover, Fuze, DropBox and also Uber.

10 Small Business apps for Android and iPhone users

What are the things that small business owners must learn in order to ensure that the applications help to transform their business in a big way? What are ways that they can use the smartphone technology to their best use in order to generate more profits for their small, medium as well as big business ventures? What are the major mistakes committed by entrepreneurs while dealing with applications? I am a business owner are is trying to find the best apps which will help in my daily business activities, so can you guys help me with that. For the purpose of knowing more about startup applications, keep reading the post.


You should know that Salesforce brings all your Chatter, CRM, custom apps and business processes together in a unified, modern experience for any Salesforce user. Along with that, you have the ability to track the performance as the reports and dashboards are available when you need them, so you can make informed decisions from anywhere.

In addition to that, you get connected with your colleagues and team members instantly, no matter where you are. Also, with the power of the Salesforce, you can now connect to your customers in a whole new way, all from your mobile device which is a quick activity. Do take action from anywhere on any device with notifications.




Most of the people are looking for the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) for business persons. You must note that ProtonVPN is one of the best productivity apps you can use for your ecommerce business as it is a simple and cost-effective way on protecting sensitive information and data that is not only your own but also of your customers.

In addition to that, you must also be aware of the fact that the free plan which is provided by ProtonVPN is known to safeguard your information in the exact same way as it does for the premium plans. However, it just lacks some of the premium features and the VPN servers are based in Switzerland.




All business owners are looking for an application for organizing daily activities. For that reason, Evernote is the app for syncing notes across mobile and desktop devices. Also, you must remember that the to-do lists, reminders and notes about ideas are accessible across your devices.

In addition to that, you will be surprised to know that the mobile app does help you to manage your life with a lot of features like collecting ideas in different formats, attaching images and docs, scanning and commenting on materials like business cards and sketches along with sharing your brainstorming creative ideas with other users.




It is important to know that MailChimp helps you build and manage your mailing lists and easily create and send newsletters. Also, you can also build and customize email templates and view performance reports about your emails. However, this particular information can help you send your customers more relevant emails.

In addition to that, the different features to find in this app are the ability to track e-commerce activity generated from your emails and ads with detailed reports, instant sales notifications, daily summary of your campaign performance. Along with that, you can create emails using custom-made or pre-built templates.




Every business person is looking for a travel organizer and TripIt seems to fit the bill. It is a true fact that time is your most valuable asset. Along with that, you should know that the time-management apps help you to order your schedule and stay focused on the most important tasks at hand.

In addition to that, TripIt will help to consolidate your travel plans into a single, master itinerary that you can access at any time and on any device, regardless of the website you used to buy your ticket. Also, you can also check departure times and delays, find directions to the airport and view weather reports in this app.

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It is vital for the startups to keep their documents safe in order to grow their business properly and if you find that, you are having a hard time in remembering a particular password when you need it, then you must definitely opt for 1Password application which ideal for help you in this case.

In addition to that, this app is useful for the purpose of keeping all their passwords and sensitive information secured behind a single master password. Also, by adding the browser plug-in which is available and assists you to save account details, credit card details, license information, and even the entries that you made on a webpage form.




One of the most useful app for entrepreneurs is Pushover as it helps you to send push messages to any smartphone and organizes messages and notifications from your devices in one common space. Also, you can send around seven thousand and five hundred messages each month and receive an unlimited amount of notifications on desktops as well as smartphones.

In addition to that, you must remember always that communicating effectively is considered to be critical for the daily operations of small, medium and also large business ventures. Along with that, this tool is very essential when you want to stay connected with the help of only one device.

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Do keep note that Fuze is a videoconferencing app that hosts online meetings for all devices and operating systems. Along with that, it is known to offers high-definition video and crisp audio quality. Moreover, one of the advantages also includes that it is easy to set up and download.

In addition to that, this particular application helps in connecting BYOD personnel to the entire workforce. Also, the smartphone users can get access to Fuze enterprise applications. You get the features like calls over mobile carrier along with VoIP and the benefit of being available in multiple languages.




One of the best cloud storage apps out there, DropBox is considered to be a popular platform as is boasts of around 200,000 businesses and also around 500 million users. Along with that, you can definitely go for it, if you are trying for an option to share fast and reliable information with the telecommuters.

In addition to that, you must note that this mobile application lets you create, view, edit, and send different types of documents at any time and also at anywhere. Also, the different features that you will get in this app are document scanner, comment on files, offline access, and share files even with those who do not have a Dropbox account.




The last application in the list is going to become Uber. You must also remember that, it is ridesharing app for getting fast and reliable rides in minutes that is available during both day and night. Along with that, it also provides to riders various kinds of options for going to and from the airport of a city.

In addition to that, you must know that, it is one of the best apps for the new and upcoming entrepreneurs as it allows them to request a ride and pay via different means in multiple cities in the country and also around the world. Also, this is much more useful if you are thinking about late night rides.



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So now, these names of the business applications will help you to get a head start in your online business activities, right away. Moreover, one of the major advantages that you will find in this particular list is that all the applications are both available in iTunes as well as Google play store. Also, in an earlier post, we have discussed about the best accounting applications out there to assist business owners and accounting professionals. Do read the article before coming back to this section for more news on business applications. The time has come for the startup owners to try out tall the apps which are mentioned above and then decide the app that they want to continue using for their business activities. Also, share you experience after using the application with the readers without fail!

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