10 Best Cash Back Rewards apps for Android and iPhone


Do you want to get rewards and cashback offers on purchases? What are the things to check while going doing budget shopping? What are the major advantages that you generally enjoy with having cashbacks along with rewards? Credit Health Care team is here to help you the people who love to shop with the complete list of applications that can just start to use in order to enjoy the various types of rebates that you can have.

10 Best Cash Back Rewards apps for Android and iPhone

What are the major preparations that you need to make before you select any item for shopping in order to get maximum cashback’s and rewards from it? Which are the bestย Cash Back Rewards apps to get maximum cashback’s and rewards. For the purpose of finding more about the various kinds of features that you will be getting in the below apps, you are advised to go through the blogpost thoroughly.


The very first application that is going to be talked about is Shopkick. The steps that you need to follow is that, you shop at any regular store, and scan the receipts and you will be receiving rewards points on them. Moreover, you must know that, rewards points are called as kicks.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Do not forget to scan items that you shop
  • Very easy procedure for submitting receipts
  • Have ability to redeem gift certificates
  • Known to call reward points as kicks
  • Moreover, Shopkick app is free to use



Checkout 51

The second in the list of cashback apps is going to be Checkout 51. Do note the fact that, this particular app is said to be very useful for those who are looking for daily shopping. Along with that, you must keep in mind that, new offers for the customers are said to be loaded on every Thursday.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Have ability to redeem offers in stores
  • Do upload receipt photos
  • Never forget to load offers
  • Is very useful for daily shopping requirements
  • Also, Checkout 51 application is available for free



SB Answer

The next application in the list is Swagbucks. This particular app makes sure that, the app becomes part of your life. Along with that, it will also share very useful tips that you be needing for shopping. Moreover, you can also take part in the various short surveys and also watch online videos.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Always refer to online videos to learn
  • Have chance to eat SBTV and Swagwatch
  • Do not forget to take survey
  • Help to monitor your regular spendings
  • You must keep in mind that, SB Answer app is free to use




The fourth app which is listed here is Belly. If you are fan of loyalty programs, then you must go for this specific application. In order to avail the service, you must look for the belly logo near the cash register area of the different stores that you generally visit for your shopping needs.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Be part of universal loyalty program
  • Always be on lookout for Belly logo
  • You will get to collect points
  • Also, help to find nearby stores and restaurants
  • Belly app is free to use




The very next name which is going to talked about is Dosh app. one of the most amazing things that you must be aware of is that, you will automatically get upto around 10% as cashback when you shop through the merchants who are part of their group such as Target, WalMart and also Bath & Beyond.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get $5 as bonus when you link your credit card
  • You just need to sign up and start your shopping
  • Have ability to get cash by just referring
  • Do not forget to shop from participating merchants
  • This application is free to use




The sixth name that is mentioned in the complete list of rewards applications is Pei. Now, if you are going to the participating restaurants as well as stores, you will be receiving about some percentage of cashback offers. Do remember that, this will help you to save a lot in your daily spendings.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Get chance to shop from many national retailers
  • Have ability to maximize your cashback amount
  • Is also known for stacking
  • Do not forget to link your credit card to Pei
  • This particular application is available for free




It is important for you to learn that, one of the major benefits of Drop app is that, you will be spending your own money rather than racking up credit just to earn points. However, you also need to remember the fact that, they ensure transparency and have a lengthy security explanation in their site.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Known to have good customer service
  • Do not forget to rack up credit
  • Favored for its security system
  • Is known to have around 300,000 users
  • Drop application is available for free




Do remember the important fact that, the iBotta application is working to make the app much more user-friendly. Along with that, you will be surprised to know that, many retailers do allow to process receipts in real-time which ensures that the money does reach your pockets faster.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Have chance to make around $30 on monthly basis
  • Enjoy process of receipts in real-time
  • Known to provide useful customer-experience
  • Do not forget to unlock rebates
  • Along with that, iBotta app is free to use




The second last app is going to be Rakuten. Along with download the application on your devices, you can also install the Rakuten cashback button in your browser to take the advantage of the various offers provided by them. However, you should not forget to activate cashback before you do checkout.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • You can choose from around 2000 stores
  • Have ability to shop through website
  • Is known to have easy user-interface
  • Do get paid through PayPal or check
  • Also, know that, this app is free to use




Mobee makes sure that you shopping experience become much more interesting in nature. However, you must note that, after your shopping trip is done with, all you need to do is answer a few questions. Along with that, this will help in getting cash along with range of gift cards and prizes.

Reasons to Choose the App:

  • Helps to improve your shopping experience
  • Enjoy gift cards, cashback and prizes
  • Try to answer survey questions
  • Go for manual quality control check
  • Keep in mind that, Mobee app is available for free



Now You Try:

So now, after you went through the various kinds of apps, you have better understanding about the steps to follow in order to get the rebates. Along with that, in the earlier article, we have discussed in detail about the civil service retirement system (CSRS) and the many ways by which you can take benefit of this particular policy. Do not forget to go through the post before returning to this specific section of the blog for finding out about more applications from the field of finance as well as accounting. Thus, the tie has arrived for the readers to make their choice about using the app from the above list. Moreover, you must give your valuable feedback on the same in the below comments section!

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