what's the difference between credit report and credit score

How do you evaluate you credit cards? What are the things that you do not know about credit cards? How does credit report help in tracking your finances? What does credit score help in finding? How does the credit card companies calculate your credit score? What are the main factors that works in differentiating among the credit reports and the credit scores? What are the steps to take for bettering your monetary situations using the credit cards? The team at Credit Health Care will be helping the credit card users to know the things which varies between credit score as well as credit report.

what's the difference between credit report and credit score

Now, we will be talking about the credit score as well as credit report separately. This will help you to understand both the terms in the right way. Along with this, it will further help you to operate credit cards, the next time.

Credit Score

Do keep in mind credit score needs to calculate in the right process and you can take professional assistance in this matter. A credit score is a number that lenders use to evaluate how safe or risky you are as a customer. The kind most commonly used to make credit decisions is the FICO score, which comes in multiple versions, many of them specialty scores for products such as auto loans or credit cards. Also, there are three different credit reporting agencies such as Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion® which assigns you a credit score which you can use for a variety of purposes for financial reasons.

Credit Report

Let us mention about credit report which help you to better understand your credit card activities. A credit report is a record of your credit history and serves as credit references. Do note that, credit report is said to be a stand-alone document which is said to provide a detailed history of your current and past credit accounts and debt, third-party collections, certain public records and requests by lenders for the credit reports. The reports include dates accounts were opened, loan amounts, current balances and payment history, including late payments or defaults which are essential for your monetary budget.

Bottom Line:

So now, these above explanation of the important terms in relation to credit cards will help you to deal with them in a better way. Moreover, you need to always keep this in mind that, knowing about the difference in between them can help you a lot in improving your financial situation. Along with that, in an earlier blog, we have discussed about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the credit cards after getting them from the credit providers in the market. Thus, the time has come for the readers who are wanting to get credit cards for themselves to know about the different terms which are associated with tit. However, you must not forget to give your important feedback on the same in the below section of comments!

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